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Report suspicious activity to ICE: 866-347-2423

Isn't it time for ICE to come out of the shadows?" Doug from Utah

View the Morton Memo here

"Every American should see this site."  Patricia.

"Let us all set the record straight on what is un-American, illegal is un-American."  Scott H.

ARIZONA - Arizona rancher fights San Francisco judge's order to pay $90,000 to illegal aliens stopped on his private property and apprehended by Border Patrol. Click Here

The DOJ lawsuit against Arizona said the country "cannot have a patchwork of immigration laws." However as of June 30, 2008 State Legislators have introduced 2671 pieces of legislation to address immigration related problems within their states. Click Here

Quotes and comments on the DOJ suit against Arizona.

Pg2/line6 "states may not interfere with the federal immigration scheme." Yet the states are responsible for illegal aliens within their states.

Pg2/line25: Suit claims SB1070 "ignores the objectives of Congress." The objectives of Congress should  be to support law enforcement, local and federal.

Pg3/line22: The suit says that the federal immigration system is a precise and finely tuned process and Arizona will "disrupt the balance." Here's a look at the results of their finely tuned balance. DEA's Most Wanted

Birthright Citizenship Exposed - State Legislators from a growing list of 41 states mount an effort to end the misapplication of the 14th Amendment, the antiquated practice of instant citizenships for the children of illegal aliens. Video Here

Judicial Watch  ALIPAC ImmigrationsHumanCost NumbersUSA  Victims Of Illegal Alien Crime Michael Cutler

Border State Legislators For Legal Immigration

Homeland Security Network

You're not supposed to see this - Obama's DOJ argued in favor of using race as a relevant factor among others to justify immigration stops: Click Here

Since 1929 illegal entry into the United States is a federal crime, up to six months in prison for the first offense and 20 years for the second offense. Hiring illegal immigrants carries a maximum penalty under federal statute of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Over Sixty Opinion Polls and Surveys, The Message Is Clear What Americans Want: Click Here


Millions of instant citizenships for the children of illegal parents, is this what the authors of the 14th Amendment intended? $6 Billion Per Year. Click Here


CALIFORNIA CRISIS ON HORIZON - County official warns of "economic catastrophe." Welfare payments to illegal parents of anchor babies in L.A. County increased to $52M per month. Other services attributed to illegals increased to $1.6 billion.  Click Here


Remember 9-11, A Tribute Video. Never forget that three of the terrorists could have been stopped by the same police/ICE coordination that Arizona tried to enact Video Here. Nine years later large gaps in police/ICE coordination still exists due to left-wing legal wrangling and political gaming. 96% of all law enforcement is local, local and federal law enforcement must work together.

While our own DOJ sues to impede AZ law enforcement dealing with over 430,000 illegal aliens of unknown history and origins (the lawsuit says they have a "careful and considered balance of national law enforcement"), visit the border town of Reynosa Mexico next to McAllen Texas on a recent night. 

Wake up America to what's happening!

ARIZONA - Obama Administration files another lawsuit in Arizona to stop making prospective employees of public schools show proof of legal status. Read Here

"ARIZONA - Feds own ICE audit finds more than half of Arizona businesses have illegal alien employees. Click Here

"Carrying your immigrant registration card and a valid ID is a small price to pay to live and work in America." Becky

"President Obama has been critical of the AZ law because of the potential for abuse. Don't all laws have the potential for abuse?" Randy from Iowa.

The Rule of Law is the principle that no one is above the law. The states need protection from the arbitrary governance of federal immigration laws.

UNITED STATES - Nearly Half of United States Actively Considering Arizona-Style Illegal Immigration Laws. More effective state and local law enforcement working with ICE is the goal. This is occurring despite the Obama administration's lawsuit against Arizona. Click Here Your state representatives need to hear that you support this. Contact your Governor and state legislators here.

"When the DOJ sued Arizona they further divided and weakened our country and continued to send conflicting messages to the world about our laws." Robert

WASHINGTON, DC - ICE forced to release embarrassing data showing the number of convicted criminal illegal aliens being released from custody for one Virginia county. Experts estimate the number nationally to be in the millions. This practice contradicts the claims in the DOJ lawsuit against AZ that federal immigration enforcement is a "finely tuned process that only prioritizes enforcement towards criminal aliens." Yet millions of convicted criminal aliens are being released. Read Here

"The person of integrity walks securely, but they who take crooked paths will be found out."

New study shows state costs of illegal immigration: View Map Here

ARIZONA - Saying the cost of illegal immigration has left Arizona broke, state Treasurer Dean Martin sends $1 billion bill to the federal government.  Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - In a strange twist of contradictions, Secretary Napolitano now says state and local police from non-border states may deploy to the border. Although contradicting previous statements from Washington that only the feds should do the job, we support this realistic concept. Oops! It certainly weakens the White House's opposition to the Arizona law that local police are not to have anything to do with the federal law. Click Here

MEXICO - Mexico Joins Suit Against Arizona's Immi-gration Law, Citing "Grave Concerns." Perhaps Mexico should have grave concerns about its own treatment of illegal aliens. In 2009, 64,061 were officially reported detained. Thousands were subject to discrimination, xenophobia, ill treated, abducted and raped. As many as 9,758 have been kidnapped over a six-month period. Virtually no one has been prosecuted while abuses continue to be a low priority for local, state and federal authorities. Click Here

TEXAS - Two Mexican nationals caught smuggling 147 assault rifles, 10,000 rounds of ammunition and high-capacity magazines sentenced to terms of only 10 days and 45 days. Click Here

CALIFORNIA - California is now the least educated state. Click Here

Amnesty advocates want a path to citizenship for millions of illegals. Just what are the current naturalization requirements and do illegal aliens meet those requirements? Take a look and you decide. Click Here

What if Washington, DC was close to the border?

Rich from California says, "I'm tired of illegal aliens being called "undocumented workers," especially the ones who aren't working but are living on welfare or committing crimes. What's next? Calling drug dealers "Undocumented Pharmacists?"

Border fence cover up. Border Video More Video Here

Some critics within law enforcement claim that our local police should be hands-off with immigration enforcement. However research shows that 96% of all law enforcement is local, there will never be enough ICE agents to accomplish this mission alone. More than 600,000state and local law enforcement officers come into contact with illegal aliens every day. Furthermore, local law enforcement routinely supports federal law enforcement. If ICE is successful in their mission, local police will be successful in theirs.

"Local law enforcement plays an undeniable role in helping to combat crime and secure the border. Our ultimate success at the border is going to require close coordination with local authorities and sustained commitments to remedying a security challenge that has been decades in the making." Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, December 15, 2006.

WASHINGTON, DC - DHS Secretary Napolitano tells committee "I know that border I think as well as anyone." You decide. Using hidden cameras placed miles inland to Arizona, watch thousands of illegal aliens make unchallenged entry into the United States. Share with your elected representatives.   View Hidden Video Cameras 

MEXICO - Mexican President Calderón, President Obama and DHS Secretary Napolitano scorn Arizona law. But what is Mexico's law? Click Here

MEXICO - Business in Mexico, is it really the poor jobless country that so many want us to believe it is? Think again.  Video Here

Business in Brazil and South America booms. Video Here

The CIA reports that the Mexican unemployment rate was recently 4%, lower than 150 other countries and lower than the unemployment rate of the United States. Click Here. Mexico is ranked #13 in GDP, higher than 172 countries. Click Here. More than 18,000 companies with U.S. investment have operations there. It has the greatest concentration of wealth per capita in the world. Mexico is home to the richest man in the world, has nine billionaires and more millionaires than Germany. In spite of these facts, America continues to send financial aid to Mexico and serve as an illegal immigration 'relief valve.' This is the perfect arrangement for Mexico's elite ruling class by absolving themselves of their responsibilities to their uneducated poor by exporting their angry masses.

ARIZONA - Arizona Senators ask President Obama to send 3000 National Guard troops to the border immediately. Their request was ignored. Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - Sen. Reid envisions a quick and easy amnesty. Says to gain legal status, illegal immigrants would face ¡°a penalty and a fine, people will have to work, stay out of trouble, pay taxes, learn English,¡± he said. ¡°It¡¯s not so bad is it?¡±

George F. Will on $6B, 400,000 per year birthright citizenships and the willful misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment. Click Here

If one truly loves their home country they will want to protect it from harm and regression. What does that say about those in government, business and anyone who has allowed this problem to grow? Their love for America is in doubt. What does it say about those who abandon their own country and come to America and boldly violate its laws? Is this who should be granted citizenship?

DHS Secretary Napolitano recently stated that to deport 10.8M (her numbers) illegal aliens ¡°the sheer logistics of doing that are overwhelming.¡± 22M illegal aliens in the country is already overwhelming? All 50 states reporting. Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - The National Council of La Raza (NCLR). Over 27 stimulus grants for the NCLR. The NCLR is an aggressive advocate of amnesty, opponent of immigration law enforcement at the federal and state levels and advocate of taxpayer funded services to illegal immigrants. The NCLR seeks to blur the lines between legal and illegal immigration. Grant Lists Here The NCLR gave their "Chicano Hero Award" to Jose Angel Gutierrez." Listen to hero Gutierrez Here. The NCLR top duped donors list and you won't like it. Looking over the list it's obvious what they stand to gain by keeping over 20 million new consumers in America, legal or not. What you are seeing is profit over principle.  Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - Lawmakers in Congress sponsor bill that seeks to abolish $6B per year birthright citizenships. Click Here Similar bill introduced in 2005, gridlock and lack of leadership in Washington continues. Click Here

CALIFORNIA - California now spending roughly $1 billion dollars per year to jail criminal illegal aliens says H.D. Palmer, a spokesman for the state's finance department.  Click Here

Illegal immigration is an opportunity for thousands of immigration lawyers and their PACs. Here's one example of a former INS prosecutor now benefiting from illegal immigration in private practice. Video Here

More attorneys in action. Video Here

NEW YORK, NY - CBS Evening News video clip on the estimated 300,000 "anchor babies" born in the U.S. annually. Illegal Immigrant Births - At Your Expense. Click Here

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops begin push for amnesty despite Zogby poll indicating a 64% majority of Catholic respondents oppose amnesty.  Click Here

How to become a citizen of Vatican City. We encourage the Catholic Bishops to open their Vatican City to illegal aliens and push for amnesty. Click Here

Anti-enforcement religious leaders who want others to see a parallel between biblical migration and today's illegal immigrants need to read their Bibles. To become a citizen of Rome, how about 25 years in the Roman military. Click Here

You've heard about them, now you can see and hear one for yourselves.  Watch video blogs here

View the DEA's most wanted fugitives for your state. Demographics reveal the significant Latin American criminal networks operating as a result of ineffective border security, visa overstays, weak interior enforcement and sanctuary cities. Click Here

The Federal Government still fails to secure the borders, showing a complete lack of urgency. There is still no reliable system of verifying how many of the 2.8 million foreign visitors who enter the United States each year have left the country. (View $15B US-VISIT program) About 40% of the illegal alien population are visa overstays. 80% on deportation orders are still in the country, yet DHS Napolitano says the illegal population is now down to 10.8M. The epic failure of the century across the nation for all to witness.

America does not need immigration reform, it needs leadership reform.

  1. Leadership and enforcement of the existing laws. If our government will not enforce the existing laws (One example is that over 80% on deportation orders are still in the country Read Here), why should anyone expect they will enforce the laws with Immigration Reform? They have not earned America's trust and confidence to grant them program expansion.  
  2. Secure the borders. The southern border could be secured within weeks.
  3. Enforce the laws in the interior, not just near the borders where agents can ask anyone to verify their legal status.
  4. Mandate e-Verify legal right to work verification for all employers and prosecute employers who knowingly hire ilegally. Prosecute the fraudulent use of SSNs and all forms of ID fraud. Enforce the IRS laws equally. End the IRS issuances of Taxpayer ID Numbers to known illegal aliens.   
  5. End $6B per year birthright citizenships.
  6. End mandatory public education for the children of illegal alien parents. Require public schools to verify legal status during enrollments.
  7. End public housing assistance, WIC, food stamps, non-emergency medical care and other benefits realized through anchor babies status.
  8. 96% of law enforcement is local. Increase 287(g) and ICE's Secure Communities Initiative with local law agencies across the country. Local law enforcement must work with ICE, there will never be enough ICE agents to do it alone.
  9. End catch and release courts and remove sanctuary judges. Illegals will not return for their court dates. ICE must deport illegals caught in crimes, this is what they're paid to do.  
  10. End sanctuary state and city policies, vote out anti-enforcement representatives. Vote out those at the city, state and federal levels who have ignored the laws and failed to uphold their oath of office.  

UNITED STATES - DHS Secretary states that the border is now "basically under control."


The world laughs at us, video here.

WASHINGTON, DC - After 100 years of "birthright citizenships" legislators are questioning its legal standing and costs. Click Here

UNITED STATES - Antiquated program continues to reward illegal immigrant births on US soil. Learn more about the original intent of Birthright Citizenship program.  Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - In 2009 more than half (92,000) of all federal prosecutions are immigration related. Data contradicts the "doing the jobs American's won't do" position. Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - DHS Secretary Napolitano says "we've transformed worksite enforcement." You decide. "Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - Senate Bill 81 is being ignored by government employers.  Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - DHS Secretary Napolitano says "benchmarks met...we have, I think, attained basically control between those ports of entry." Says with the newly transformed Southwest border, immigration reform is now far more attainable. Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - Obama administration prepares to ask for amnesty for unknown millions of illegal aliens, states that border fence is near completion. Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - USDA WIC program benefits easy to obtain by illegal aliens and welcomed by USDA. Click Here  USDA WIC program in Spanish. Click Here

NEW YORK - During a nine month period New York State issues over 3.6 million checks for WIC program, welcomes non-citizens to apply. Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - November, 2009. Laws in most states allow illegal aliens to receive workers compensation benefits if injured. Click Here

U.S. SOUTHERN BORDER -  In San Diego County, California alone from 1996 to 2007, 6561 fires were caused by illegal alien incursions. In just one year, 2007, the cost of these wildfires was nearly half a billion dollars. The US is now spending millions of dollars in Mexico running ads on the proper way to start and extinguish fires after crossing the border illegally. Click Here

A question: If 3000 unknown persons were found alluding international inbound airport security in one month what do we think the reaction from the DHS, TSA, the media and our elected officials would be? Why then is there no sense of urgency when an estimated 3000 unknown persons a month pass through "security" on our Southwest border?

WASHINGTON, DC -  Rev. Miguel Rivera, controversial head of CONLAMIC. Some ask how a Christian group can support illegal immigration. Click Here

NEW YORK -  Sen. Charles Schumer, the lead Democrat steering immigration overhaul through the Senate makes controversial statements. Sen. Schumer says "U.S. should find some kind of path for people now here to find a way to legal citizenship." Click Here

Contact Sen. Charles Schumer. Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood takes controversial Mexican truck proposal to Congress. If passed, Mexican trucks would have full access to American highways. American truckers, consumer groups and insurers warn that Mexican trucks are unsafe, will take jobs and weaken border security.  Click Here

U.S SOUTHERN BORDER -  Drug cartels control border crossings. Unprotected areas are still passing large amounts of drugs and bulk cash. Click Here

The Mexican American War - The ultimate price 13,271 American patriots paid with their lives must never be forgotten. Video Here

UNITED STATES - An estimated 300,000 "birth citizen babies" are born in the U.S. annually. Their births and long term medical care are provided for free. A recent report from one hospital where over 2400 annual births have been provided. Click Here

UNITED STATES,  Illegal entry into the United States estimated at 850,000 per year.   Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - Panel of experts estimate illegal population between 20 and 38 million.
Click Here

Anonymously report employers and illegals. Agencies need your help:Report

Report suspicious activity to ICE:

A leader in immigration reform. Click Here


Congressman Ted Poe, Rep. TX. Video Here

A video clip about the pro-illegal immigration movement: Click Here

A video clip with another perspective: Click Here




2006 Person Of The Year: You. "You control the
information age...for seizing the reins of the global

media, for founding and framing the new digital

democracy, for working for nothing and beating the

pros at their own game." Time Magazine, Wednesday,

Dec. 13, 2006



Emailthis site to others. provides the key numbers and events related to illegal immigration in the United States. Using the latest government and private sources, research and analysis trending data is factored at their individual rates of increase. For information about the research behind the individual counters clickhere Data Sources supports legal immigration and respect for all humanity yet highlights the significant impact of illegal immigration in America.



Illegal Aliens in Country
Other Than Mexican (OTM) in Country
Money Wired to Mexico Since Jan 2006
Money Wired to Latin America Since 2001
Cost of Social Services Since 1996
Children of Illegals in Public Schools
Cost of Illegals in K-12 Since 1996
Illegal Aliens Incarcerated
Cost of Incarcerations Since 2008
Illegal Alien Fugitives
Anchor Babies Since 2002
Skilled Jobs Provided to Illegal Aliens
Counter Data Sources - click here

Numbers USA Video  here

What is the Aztlan position? Video Here

Open Border Photos, Videos & News - here


Commentary informs the public of the realities of illegal immigration while challenging the myths and misinformation surrounding it. After decades of passively watching this problem grow, most Americans are now more aware of the severity of this issue. Our government has demonstrated a complete lack of urgency to control illegal immigration both on the borders and within the interior. Because of this failure, that which traditionally had been the American way of welcoming immigration is now dividing the country. Opposing illegal immigration and wanting the laws enforced is not un-American. It's time to set the record straight on what is un-American, illegal is un-American.

The issue of illegal immigration doesn't need more laws, studies or debates, it needs leadership and enforcement. America doesn't need immigration reform, it needs leadership reform. Because our government has failed to enforce the existing immigration laws, why should anyone be confident they'ill do so with expanded immigration reform? Because of these failures, legislators have been addressing the problems at their local levels with bills to manage it incrementally, piece-by-piece, rather than trying to fix the national problem at once--an impossible task. What most Americans expect is to have our borders secure, enforcement of the existing laws within the interior, meaningful punishment of employers who hire illegally and removal of incentives like birthright citizenships and public school enrollments. We must also address the fact that we're soft on criminals caught in crimes and aren't deported. No other country would allow this to continue. 40% of them entered the country legally and overstayed their visas. Yet there's still no reliable method to verify if Visa overstays have left the country. Another incentive that must be addressed is the birthright citizenship program that has resulted in millions of children and parents receiving instant rights and benefits. Some have called them "GPS babies" and this certainly cannot be what the authors of the 14th Amendment intended to occur. Public housing and other benefits are provided for the illegal parents through their 'anchor children' while citizens are turned away because of limited resources. This antiquated program must end. Government agencies and officials at all levels must address the costs associated with this kind of abuse. Past mistakes have been made in attempts to fix illegal immigration and our communities can no longer afford these kinds of mistakes.

America must have immigration enforcement that reflects the nation's call to respect our laws, in balance with the human side of illegal immigration. This must override the narrow interests of the business lobby, expanding government agencies, government officials who envision their dependent class and those who see it as a source of new votes. Recent language by Senator Reid, Senator Schumer and their peers reveal they're very much out-of-touch with the realities of illegal immigration. For example, there's nothing "draconian" (according to Sen. Reid) about our immigration laws being enforced, laws which are the most liberal and inviting in the world. According to Sen. Reid our border security fence project is "a symbol of fear and intolerance." Representative Pete Stark is on record mocking that if a new border fence is constructed, he will "start a ladder company." Equally disturbing are comments by Representative Pelosi who expressed her outrage of ICE deporting parents apart from their birthright children, yet she refuses to address the root cause of that problem, our government allowing millions of birthright babies. If our government would stop the practice of birthright citizenships then the family separation scenario would be greatly reduced. With emotional platitudes she ignores the cause and expresses disdain towards hard working federal agents doing their jobs. These same legislators and their peers are opposed to e-Verify for fear of mistakes (it's 99% accurate for legal workers and 54% accurate when fraudulent ID numbers are used) while failing to address the fact that ID fraud is already rampant in the illegal alien communities. On one side of the federal hand it doesn't really try to require businesses to validate something as important as the legal right to be employed, yet on the other hand it does enforce how businesses store paint or provides a certain level of lighting. This is an utter failure of priorities!

America cannot suddenly disregard our forefathers' immigration principles simply to appease PACs from the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce and the National Council of La Raza. Respecting our laws and morale principles is precisely what has made our country strong, stable and unique in the world. These concerns don't represent a selfish interest in stopping our nation from the inclusion of healthy and legal immigration; rather, they're about being a nation of laws. These laws and responsibilities apply to everyone without a hint of racism or xenophobia. Our imperfect history cannot be rewound as some activists would like in their "Reconquista," to re-conquer the land (as in the days of the Pueblo People, a land of barrenness before the borders were established). Angry foreigners should direct their energy towards their own governments or towards Spain for the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire and the Spanish colonization of the Americas. Mexico won its independence from Spain, yet now they're quick to abandon the independence they won and leave their homeland? Why is there so much anger and attitudes of entitlement towards the United States? This is in large part due to the Latin leaderships' continuous propaganda of blaming America for their problems, someone else to blame for their failures. Its easy money for their countries, jobs, services and educations they don't have to provide.

The pro-amnesty groups would like to compare today's illegal aliens with the immigrants from the past, such as those that approached Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty (some were even turned back). Today's illegals are actually an entirely different group that has lied on their visitor visas, overstayed their visas, snuck across the border (while leaving mountains of trash), committed tax fraud, ID fraud, insurance fraud and Social Security fraud, exploited the system by their birthright babies, exploited the social services, wired billions out of our country, gained illegal employment and failed to meet naturalization requirements. We have learned that illegal aliens will be as corrupt as the system allows them to be. Compared to the Ellis Island immigrants, today there are hundreds of immigration laws and requirements in place including sofisticated forms of ID and a complex governmental and employment infrastructure. These systems cannot be bypassed. Every developed country has immigration laws. Without them sovereignty and national identity are weakened, security is lost and a perpetual string of problems occur. The United States naturalization laws have been established as far back as 1790. Since 1929, illegal entry into the United States is a federal crime. America is not a place, it is a nation. Its people are not residents, they are citizens!

There are many anti-enforcement religious organizations that try to find a parallel between historical events of migration in the Bible and today's illegal immigration. What they fail to acknowledge is what the Bible says about respect for the laws and respect for those in government authority. Those who truly want to obey God will do just that and realize God's provision in their native countries rather than trying to obtain it illegally through lawlessness in America. These organizations also fail to acknowledge the fact that even during biblical times becoming a citizen of many countries was actually quite difficult, becoming a citizen of Rome was difficult as one example. The American Conference of Catholic Bishops (excluded from paying federal income taxes yet they want the taxpayers to import the poor) have been quite aggressive in their push for amnesty. We would challenge them to open up some amnesty into their pristine Vatican City of Rome, 200 from Mexico with unknown criminal backgrounds, uneducated and with some serious health issues would be a good start. How about some gang members becoming full citizens of Vatican City, and the drug cartel's new opportunities because of easier access to Italy?

Most Americans respect the laws while raising their children to do the same, yet they're reminded daily of the millions in the country who violate not only immigration laws but virtually every law that exists. They notice the unscrupulous businesses that hire them and the government agencies that cater to them at great expense. Our officials are charged with the responsibility of this oversight and have failed to do so on a scale unimaginable. It's obvious our officials have allowed this problem to grow un-checked. For example the Border Patrol will approach suspicious individuals walking or driving within about a 100 mile range inland to verify their legal status. However, once illegals make it into our cities and communities where the impact and risks are even greater, they now become unapproachable and off-limits for fear of "profiling." This is an inconsistent and ineffective practice.

Government agencies and lobbyist also have a history of under-estimating statistics and costs. If a path to citizenship (i.e., Amnesty) is offered, government leaders will quickly realize there are significantly more than just 10-11 million in the country--in fact, the numbers could easily be double their estimates. This would be an offense to the millions of honest immigrants who have become citizens through the legal process. The opportunity to live and work in America must remain an invited and controlled privilege, not to be gained by backdoor tactics or by paying a small fine.

Illegal immigrants are not "victims" who need us to rescue them. The CIA reports that the Mexican unemployment rate was recently only 4%, lower than 150 other countries and lower than the unemployment rate of the United States. Mexico is ranked #13 in GDP, higher than 172 countries. Mexico is home to the richest man in the world, has nine billionaires and has more millionaires than Germany.

This problem is much broader than what some media images suggest (e.g., the harvesting of crops, immigrants feeding their families, or emotional photos of parents deported from their anchor child--an extremely rare event). A significant number are single males with no families to feed. In fact, illegal immigrants know that having an anchor child greatly reduces their chances of being deported. Yet the same media is not sympathetic to American parents separated from their children when they're caught breaking the law. A significant amount of the money being wired to Mexico and Latin America is not for their families, it is to pay off the human smugglers and drug cartels back home. Otherwise their family members' safety will be jeopardized.

Americans have witnessed millions of illegals openly engage in undesirable activities while enjoying special treatment that our own citizens don't receive. Such activities include catch-and-release (a type of sanctuary status that even foreign diplomats don't get), failure to appear in court, immigrant gangs, drug and human smuggling, violent crimes, massive identity fraud, illegal voting, driving under the influence, hit-and-run accidents and various other motor vehicle violations, tax free incomes, free social services (including housing and food stamps), free emergency room care, public school enrollments, a full range of medical services for family members due to chain migration--including elderly parents who draw on the healthcare system and maternity care for their anchor babies. As if this weren't enough, they then wave their foreign flags in the streets of America demanding their rights yet they don't have the courage to demonstrate in their native countries to fix their own countries' problems.

Across the nation, District Attorneys routinely cut plea bargains with illegals caught in crimes who aren't deported or incarcerated, only to repeat their crimes in the future. If they agree to be deported (many times agreeing to self-deportation), they often return to the U.S. in short order and are more emboldened against our laws and courts. Up to 80% on deportation orders have not been deported. These kinds of activities are hard on the nation and its communities, yet amazingly people are expected to accept the concept that illegal immigration is somehow "good for America." Americans must ask themselves if these are the people they want to reward with citizenship while others have waited in line to be here legally? Americans are now learning that the 14th Amendment was not intended to give special benefits to illegal mothers and their birthright babies, this amendment was intended for the children of slaves. Americans are becoming outraged that their leadership has allowed this amendment to be used as a magnet for illegal immigration, an incentive to break the law.

Are all illegal immigrants bad people? Of course not. Some work hard and try their best to support themselves independently, since when has this become something unique in life? However, all illegal immigrants have in bad faith violated federal immigration laws. This, in turn, leads to a long string of other violations, impacts on society and attitudes that affect our communities. The illegals themselves often pay a high price for living in the shadows. For example many crimes against illegal immigrants go unreported for fear of deportation. As a result some in law enforcement claim that asking for the legal status of persons would hinder their ability to reduce crime, claiming that illegals would be afraid to report crimes for fear of deportation. That position contradicts itself because with effective immigration enforcement those same individuals committing the crimes would not be in the country to begin with. Our government has also confused the illegals by not sending a strong message to the world about our laws. Instead the message has been: "If you get across the border, you're 'home free." Now they're stuck in the middle of this problem, trading their problems from their home countries for even bigger problems here.

Most illegals will not assimilate because they never planned to or need to. With so many catering to their wishes and needs there's little incentive to assimilate. Instead of becoming Americans, more than any immigrant group in American history they turn their communities into 'little Mexico.' No other group has tried to force themselves onto America as this one has. Preserving ones culture is certainly worthy, pushing your culture and language onto others while in their country illegally is offensive! Many live quite well here, while some with thrifty lifestyles wire billions of dollars back to their native countries for powerful savings accounts. An entire housing market has evolved in Latin America to build homes from remittance money, paid for in full by cash. With no mortgages these are nice homes that many law abiding Americans will never realize themselves. In many cases Americans who lose their jobs and homes are as a result of illegal hiring, the undercutting of prevailing wages, jobs lost to NAFTA and offshore business. Rarely are the labor savings passed onto the American consumers. When the business organizations lobby our elected officials (a partial list is provided on this page) that they need cheap workers otherwise they can't fill their jobs, this is a self-serving myth. Citizens and legal immigrants would proudly fill those jobs, but at prevailing wage. Business organizations are salivating at undercutting the prevailing wages or expanding their consumer markets. This is their shortsighted "rush to the bottom line" at the expense of lost jobs to citizens and eliminating competitive businesses who obey the laws. This is not the American way of healthy competition that encourages progress. Rather, it is the worst form of activity in business. Business lobbyists also fail to consider how this shifts numerous social costs onto the nation.

Americans know that one phone call from their President could charge the United States full-time or National Guard military to secure (even under strict rules of engagement) the remaining open-border sections known for crossings. But our previous President capitulated with the Mexican President's request to not use the military to secure our borders, knowing how effective this would be. Internally, because of their activities in the country, more than 600,000 state and local law enforcement officers come into contact with illegal aliens every day. State and local police make up approximately 96 percent of U.S. law enforcement and are an effective force multiplier for federal law enforcement, yet few are using the ICE 287(g) program so that small numbers are being turned over to ICE. This practice must stop. ICE very often claims it doesn't have the resources to pick up even those already detained for them, Americans are tired of the excuses. If even our military bases' security is largely contracted out, ICE can certainly implement a process for trained contractors in government vehicles to pick up those who simply need to be transported. Because government managers have failed to manage the existing immigration laws, how will they manage a new and greatly expanded immigration program?

Because illegal immigrants have failed to follow the existing laws, why would anyone think they'll suddenly come forward and follow more immigration laws or pay fines? Americans also see the inconsistency between "talking tough" about border security while at the same time providing billions of dollars in government services for those in the country illegally. Most of the agencies don't even bother to ask for their legal status! By providing free services to illegal immigrants, these agencies use up resources that our citizens need--citizens who deserve to have priority. The costs for providing those 'free' services are being shifted over into higher taxes and insurance costs. As a result, many inner city hospitals are closing or moving, schools are stretched to the limit, taxes are on the increase. The American people can no longer be forced bear the weight of the failed leadership of its neighboring countries, we cannot continue to "import poverty." Those countries and their people must bear that weight for themselves. Illegal immigrants will not value American life if it's too quickly realized and by entering through a back door. All countries must of their own sweat equity and in the light of day develop better standards and opportunities for themselves, only then will it be embraced.

The business lobby for cheap, illegal labor is shortsighted. The undocumented are becoming more selective about the jobs they'll do and how much they're paid. If they're granted legal status they'll soon demand the same prevailing wages and standards that citizens receive, thereby eliminating the attraction of the business lobby. Most illegal workers are not here for farm labor. The shortsighted business community harms their own long term interests and that of America by lowering the employment standards instead of raising them. We're seeing the results of this. The question is if America is going to remain a nation of laws and principles or will the vanishing dollar overrule all else? Will living in America continue to be embraced, or will our country simply become a job site, a place to exploit the system? When our laws and principles are allowed to be broken on a scale this large we now find ourselves facing the results few could have imagined.



It's time for ICE to 'come out of the shadows.' Local law enforcement and communities across America report that ICE interior enforcement has failed. View your ICE employees and contact here.

January 12, 2014 - Nearly every news story reports incorrectly that Mr Obama has deported more illegal aliens than any president, another lie. The fact is that this administration has the lowest number of deportations since the Nixon administration. Click Here.

Across America illegal aliens get free cell phones. One of the cell phone companies used is Safelink, owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Sim. Read Here The source of funding is from phone bills, the Universal Service Fund fee. Read Here


WASHINGTON, DC - More than 80 percent of those on deportation orders are still in the country. The Justice Department is transporting over 300 lawyers around the country to win costly deportation cases ($20M per year) in federal appeals courts yet ICE fails to enforce the deportation orders it wins. Read Here

July 12, 2011 - Foreign diplomats finding easy access to birth certificates, social security numbers and birthright citizenships for their children. Video Here

2011 CIS Report - Deception and Disorder in America's Immigration Courts | Built to Fail    Read Here

Our immigration courts are a problem.


DNC Chair said Republicans want to make illegal immigration a crime.


June 29, 2011: Sen. Durban honors and welcomes illegal aliens, then calls them courageous.

President Obama jokes about federal immigration laws. Video Here

San Francisco says no to ICE.

SAN FRANCISCO - June 1, 2011. San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey will begin releasing illegal aliens held for what they're calling "low level" crimes such as shoplifting, drug possession and public drunkenness. Federal immigration agents request they be detained for immigration proceedings however Hennessey says "the change in policy is a way for San Francisco to comply with the city¡¯s sanctuary ordinance." Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - March 16, 2011. 80% of illegal aliens apprehended are never prosecuted. Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - March 3, 2011. Border agent Brian Terry killed by AK-47, was under DHS orders to use bean bags even when invaders were seen carrying firearms. Click Here

MILWAUKEE - January 6, 2011. Status-quo policy of failing to report and deport until after serious crimes are committed continues. Victims are demanding an end.   Click Here


DOJ allows 11 foreign countries to sue Arizona.

WASHINGTON DC - 19 Oct 2010. U.S. Government Still Does Not Have ¡®Effective Control¡¯ of 1,081 Miles of the U.S.-Mexico Border, DHS Says. (Recall that the DOJ lawsuit against AZ says they have a "careful balance of enforcement.")  Click Here



BOSTON -  21 September, 2010. President Obama's illegal alien Aunt who does not work, receives disability payments, food stamps (SNAP) and free public housing says America has "the obligation to make me a citizen." She was recently granted citizenship status.


Only 11% of DHS's estimated 5.5 million visa overstays are investigated and a small percentage deported.


Illegal alien with extensive criminal record files over 500 lawsuits. Where is ICE? The DOJ sues Arizona to stop the "potential for abuse." Yet actual abuse all across America goes largely unchallenged.

WASHINGTON DC - 7 September 2010. DHS estimates over 500,000 illegal alien fugitives. Click Here

Today's DOJ, DHS and ICE Chiefs all say this can't be done (Isn't the word "can't" un-American?) but President Eisenhower did it in 1954. Read Here

WASHINGTON, DC - 11 Aug. 2010. ICE Chief John Morton lies on Fox News. View the Twitter post to learn more.


"America doesn't need immigration reform, it needs leadership reform." Scott


10,000 gang members in Oakland CA. A result of ICE's "careful and considered balance" as quoted in DOJ lawsuit against Arizona.



"The federal lawsuit says it's based on the Supremacy Clause, where's the Common Sense Clause when we need it?" Jack, from New York.

"A path to citizenship already exists for immigrants." Phil from Arizona

MEDICAL - Physician says illegal immigration bypasses important health tests and immunizations required by the DHS's Citizenship and Immigration Services, bypasses international health standards that place Americans at risk. Click Here

CALIFORNIA - 26 June, 2010. Another sanctuary city in trouble. Click Here

Denver sanctuary mayor John Hickenlooper and Governor elect suspected of employing up to 100 of illegal aliens for his restaurant business. After one kills a police officer and injures another he flees to Mexico. Hickenlooper then claimed no knowledge or responsibility. Click Here

NEVADA - 25 October 2010. Sen. Harry Reid's Hispanic Press Secretary and Spokesperson repeatedly lied to federal immigration and FBI agents, submitted false documents to the Department of Homeland Security - a Class D felony. Diana Tejada was also a spokeswoman for the National Council of La Raza and Press Secretary of Hispanic Media for the Senate Majority Conference Committee. To add to the controversy she has avoided prosecution. Click Here

The Southern Poverty Law Center - Propaganda arm of the National Council of La Raza, amnesty activists, cozy with the left and often quoted by the media. Quick to call opponents of their agenda "hate groups." How they invented a smear, served La Raza, manipulated the press, and duped its donors. Read Report Video Intro Here  A tax-exempt, charitable organization named 'the wealthiest civil rights group in America' where founder Morris Dees has been known to enjoy his Rolls Royce, five servants and 17 room 200 acre estate. Read Here During office hours there's the infamous "Poverty Palace," the $29M facility in Montgomery Alabama. Photos Here

SPLC total assets at end of 2009: $221,434,949.00. Morris Dees annual Alabama salary of $303,936.00 w/$44,484.00 in other compensation is only $51,580.00 less than the President of United States $400K salary. Endowment funds balance of $189,667,327.00. View Dees's 200 acre estate.

National Council of La Raza's "Hero Award." Who Is It?  Listen to their hero Video Here At the time of this post, not one of the SPLC's top ten, highest paid executives is a minority and certainly not an immigrant. Photos Here


WASHINGTON, DC - 1993 flip-flop: Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nevada introduced a bill to end birthright citizenships, says "no sane country" would permit it.

WASHINGTON, DC - 2009 flip-flop: Sen. Harry Reid and his immigration bill, Senate Bill 9. Says America should "move beyond detaining and deporting the undocumented...reunite deported families... reconsider the border wall that is a symbol of fear and intolerance...that those hiding in the shadows of our society are provided a path to citizenship."  Click Here

Based on Rep. Stark's own statements he would make a border fence ladder for this terrorist operation.  Video Here

Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif. mocks the commoners, concerned Californians. Himself the King, after washing his hands and boarding his Air Force Gulf Stream jet is quickly whisked away from the common people. Living isolated and secure from the risks and third-world effects of millions of illegal aliens in America's communities, view his exclusive gated Maryland estate. The King lives on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland but to meet election rules claims a small townhouse in CA that neighbors say have never seen him use. Link to Stark's fenced and secure property.


Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif. was caught lying on a tax form he submitted to Maryland state, claiming he was registered to vote in Maryland when he in fact votes in California. His goal was apparently to secure a tax credit on his Maryland estate. Click Here

America's BP On The Border. Thousands of illegal aliens pour onto US soil every day. Somehow the best talent and resources from Washington can't seem to stop it. Yet everyone knows they can.  View Cameras Here

This Arizona sign says it well: Click Here

Lets bring our immigration judges out of the shadows. Immigration judge report cards. Click Here

VIRGINIA - Virginia State Police contacted ICE for nearly 12,000 criminal inmates, but ICE picked up only 690. Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - Experts suggest that approximately 75 percent of working-age illegal aliens are committing felony document fraud by using fraudulent Social Security cards to obtain employment. The Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service facilitate illegal immigrant-driven identity theft. Both turn a blind eye to massive SSN fraud and take no action to stop it. Many illegal aliens use a combination of Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN) and fraudulent SSNs to obtain tax refunds that they are not entitled to. The IRS has issued about 15 million ITINs since 1996, with a large share believed to be assigned to illegal aliens.Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - The Social Security Administration can no longer 'live in the shadows' from the public eye. The SSA has massively failed to do its job in controlling ID fraud and thus allow millions of illegal aliens to use fraudulent SSNs. View your SSA leadership here where you are encouraged to contact them. Click Here

UTAH and ARIZONA - In Utah, over 50,000 kids social security numbers have been fraudulently used by illegal aliens. In Arizona over one million numbers are being used, causing permanent damage to the childrens' SSNs. Kids stolen SSNs used by illegal aliens across the country is in the millions and the Social Security Administration fails to act. Click Here



BORDER FENCE PROJECT EXPOSED: U.S. SOUTHERN BORDER - Large sections ineffective with seemingly intentional design flaws that allow easy passage.

IOWA - 1 May, 2010. President Obama condemns Arizona law that requires all migrants to carry documentation, (Note: the federal law already requires this) "Now, suddenly, if you don't have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice- cream, you're going to get harassed -- that's something that could potentially happen." Click Here 

President Obama should have been advised that an American child out to get ice-cream was killed by an illegal alien from Guatemala, two adults were also killed. Video Here This illegal alien had an extensive criminal record yet ICE failed to deport him. View His Criminal Record Here  President Obama what is your priority, migrants getting ice-cream or America's security?

ALIPAC launches Battle of the States 2010. With a win ratio of 95%, see what's happening right now in your state and what YOU can do about it. You can make a difference in your state. Click Here

The public needs to be aware of some of the 'politically correct' terms or code words used by activists, business groups, anti-enforcement groups and policy makers to avoid or soften the term "illegal." As follows;

Foreign-Born Workforce, Law Abiding Undocumented, Undocumented Workers, Undocumented Immigrants, Undocumented Aliens, Undocumented Migrants, Unauthorized Population, Unauthorized Workers, Foreign-Born Population, Unauthorized Migrants, First Generation, Non-Citizens.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute, representing communities, law enforcement and individuals harmed by illegal immigration. Click Here


WASHINGTON, DC - December, 2009. White House gives nearly two dozen pro-amnesty groups control of 2010 census. Groups want illegal aliens added to census counts. Click Here

Amnesty, sanctuary cities and Immigration Reform, more good intentions and more failed results. View Video Blog Here

A show of gratitude towards America. Video Here

DALLAS, TX - 11 October, 2009. Despite 1996 Congressional mandates, the United States still has no reliable system of verifying foreign visitors have left the country. In 2008, 2.9 million foreign visitors on temporary visas never officially checked out. About 40% of the illegal alien population are visa overstays. Click Here

U.S. SOUTHERN BORDER - 14 Feburary, 2010. Using one hidden camera placed on one trail four miles north of the U.S. border, over 400 illegal aliens recorded within 35 days. It is estimated that up to 1000 remote trails exist where several thousand illegal entries occur every month. Watch Border Cams

Texas-Mexico Border: Volunteer to view live border cameras and directly monitor suspicious activity. View Cameras Here

A must see video on the "legal" immigration numbers. Illegal numbers not even factored in. Watch Video here


26 year veteran, former INS Special Agent and builder
of INS E-Verification Check System. He reveals the

secrets behind the immigration crisis,

why some in

and government don't want to fix it.

Alexander Hamilton opposed granting citizenship immediately to new immigrants: "To admit foreigners indiscriminately to the rights of citizens, the moment they foot in our country would be nothing less than to admit the Grecian horse into the citadel of our liberty and sovereignty." Instead, he recommended that we gradually draw newcomers into American life, "to
enable aliens to get rid of foreign and acquire American attachments; to learn the principles and imbibe the spirit of our government; and to admit of a philosophy, at least, of their feeling a real interest in our affairs."

Theodore Roosevelt wrote: "In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birth place, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here."

UNITED STATES - 28 October, 2009. Less than one out of 20 illegal aliens currently do farm labor.  Click Here

Section 287(g), is the Right Answer for State and Local Immigration Enforcement: Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - 16 July, 2009. The Center For Immigration Studies releases new video from Arizona. "Hidden Cameras on the Arizona Border." View Video

TYLER, TX, Monday, June 11, 2007 - 25 years after landmark Supreme Court ruled in his favor (used as a pawn for the cause) for a free education for millions of illegal migrants, "I am illiterate ¨C I am a person that doesn't know anything," Mr. Lopez said in Spanish in an interview this month. Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - October, 2009. CIS Panel: Illegal, But Not Undocumented. Social Security Administration estimates that 75% of illegal aliens are using fraudulent social security numbers. Other forms of ID fraud rampant. ID fraud victims being ignored in debate. Click Here

DALLAS, TEXAS - 13 November, 2009. More than 22,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records arrested in Dallas area with 1-year old program. 2,700 charged with "level one" crimes such as murder, rape, kidnapping and narcotics.  Click Here

DENVER, CO - December 19, 2007, Sickly Illegal Immigrant wins $1.5M suit due to dirty jail conditions. Click Here

NEELY, TX - October 17, 2007. Armed standoff on border with military drug smugglers, Mexican Army troops with mounted machine guns confronted more than 200 yards inside U.S. border: Click Here

DENVER, CO - October 17, 2007. Criminals flock to sanctuary cities, lengthy records yet not deported.
Click Here

NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico, Monday, June 11, 2007 -
Violent drug Cartel's gain control of border drug routes, now expanding into U.S. cities:
Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC, April 20, 2006 - Since 2003, more than 7500 arrests of alien child sex offenders.
Click Here

CALIFORNIA - 18 March, 2009. Congresswoman Pelosi tells group of illegal aliens that enforcement of immigration laws are "un-American." Click Here

HOUSTON, TX - 12 May, 2009. Houston Police overwhelmed with crime, Police Union wants to allow questioning of immigration status. Opposed by Mayor and business owners, 17 year "sanctuary city" policy has resulted in overwhelming population of over 420,000 illegal aliens. Click Here  

ATLANTA, GA - 27 April, 2009. UPS makes $750K grant to controversial group National Council of LaRaza. Click Here

New York City, New York - 31 August, 2009. Former NYC Mayor says imprisoned illegal aliens should be deported, not released back into communities. Click Here

NEW YORK CITY, NY - 27 October, 2008. City wants its estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants to fill out Census forms to help net more Federal funds. Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - 13 October, 2008. HUD approved millions of risky mortgages to illegal immigrants. Click Here

WASHINGTON, DC - 21 August, 2008. Five city self-deportation program scrapped, only eight of 457,000 ordered to leave volunteered. ICE says..."this proves the only method that works is enforcement." Click Here

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If our government can't manage the current immigration laws, how do they think they will
manage a much larger "comprehensive immigration reform?" John from Washington, DC.

"With illegal immigration slowed or stopped, there would be finances to help legal citizens."
Louise from California

"I live and farm on the Texas - Mexico border and it's not unusual to see the trails of 7-15 people every couple of nights passing through our land. I think the number of illegal's coming across our entire southern border is larger than most realize!" Diana from Texas.

"Hey racist... Viva Mexico! You people make me sick!" Tony from Arizona

"When a city claims to be a Sanctuary City and will not enforce the laws of the United States of America, they should lose their federal funding." Mary Ann

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"If this web site doesn't open your eyes... nothing will!" Ryan


Immigration News and Commentary from the Congress & Illegal Immigration Website: Click Here

Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) efforts across America proving effective as informed citizens take action. Click Here

American Hispanics Against Illegal Immigration;

GAO report on illegal immigrants arrested in the
United States;
Click Here

Conservative groups in the United Kingdom tackle legal and illegal immigration issues.Click Here rallies business groups for cheap immigration employees. List of groups exposed here; Click Here

Operation Body Count, alarming crime stats; Click Here

The faces of innocence. Lives lost and the human cost: Click Here

DUI illegals on the increase. Repeat offenders not
being deported:
Click Here

Steps that anyone can take at their local, state
and national level to make a difference: 
Click Here

In addition to the above steps, ask your reps. at all levels to enforce the existing laws or if needed
incremental bills and laws, prioritized actions that can be accomplished quickly rather than trying to implement a complete overhaul immigration program at once, an impossible task. And finally, end birthright citizenship abuses.







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